I would like to take a moment to talk about the recent devastating fires in Northern and Southern California.

Our local retired Fire Captain, John Foster who retired after 30 years of service lost his home up north in Butte county.
We also recently sent members of our Contra Costa Strike Team to help down in Ventura County.
Last year during the Northern California fires we were so appreciative and moved by all the donations from our community, we were able to fill up a semi-truck with goods and deliver directly to shelters/base camps. We’ve already had so many members of our community ask us if we were planning to do the same now.
After careful consideration and working directly with Salvation Army and Red Cross last year we know that donating cash is most efficient and their preferable way to help since volunteers end up with too many donated items.

Come visit CHILL and East Contra Costa Fire Protection District this Saturday during The Holiday Parade. 
We will be offering Hot Cocoa where ALL proceeds will benefit victims of the Butte County and Ventura County fires.

When: Saturday 11/17 beginning at 4pm 
Where: Old Downtown Fire Station, 739 1st Street, Downtown Brentwood

We look forward to seeing you all and thank you for your help!


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