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I ❤️Chill. Their coffee and amazing service always give me a wonderful pick up anytime of the day! The smiles are always welcoming no matter how busy and I always get quality, affordable and yummy items. Come in and Chill with Yvette, family and friendly staff. 

Sabrena Harmon Lawton

Shout out to @chillteaandcoffee for the best coffee in the Bay Area. Check em out if you are a coffee addict like me.


From a corporate coffee franchise addict (I'm talking like everyday, sometimes twice a day go-er), Chill is so much better. Better drinks, warmer environment (literally), and people who really care about what they're serving you! Without the pretentiousness of coffee snobbery, but with all the benefits of people who know what good coffee and tea taste like. I'm a Chill-aholic!

Joanna D.

We love that Chill Coffee & Tea has a variety of organic and single origin coffees. Although we like all of the beans we ordered, our favorite is the Guatemala Organic. It’s not too acidic and has a really smooth body. Customer service was excellent and delivery was quick!


Thanks @chillteaandcoffee for the super fast delivery of my coffee beans. I can't wait to try some tomorrow morning. Love the packaging, hand written note, and mini coffee cup.